Albena Baeva , Foto von Ivan Peykov.jpg

Albena Baeva (BG)

She works with interactive design, experimental video and performance. In her interactive installations for urban spaces and galleries she uses technology, creative programming and DIY practices. 

Barbara Bernardi Portrait.jpg


Barbara Bernandi creates atmospheres by collecting and producing pictures, sounds, moments and voices. She edits them afterwards to form new stories. Often she works together with other artists as well as performers, musicians, dancers and poets. 

Marcel Buehler (D)

His works include a big spectrum of media, over the years though he emerged two core themes: light sculptures and collages. Both of them stand for two contrary approaches.


C∆N-D is a sci-fi rap/performance art group formed by Amy Khoshbin and Michael Clemow with a rotating roster of special guest performers. Question your current reality by entering C∆N-D’s futurist psychedelic world. C∆N-D has performed at JACK, National Arts Gallery, Radiator Arts Gallery, Academic Gallery, Dixon Place during the HOT! Festival, Pianos, River to River Festival in collaboration with The Feath3r Theory, and more.


Alberto De Campo (A)

Alberto de Campo's research emphasis include computer music, computational art, generative art, audiovisual performances with complex systems, sonification of scientific datas as well as interdisciplinary art. He led the research team of SonEnvir at IEM Graz, a project he initiated and where an interdisciplinary team studied the applicability of data sonification in different scientific disciplines and contexts. 

Brianne Curran










Brianne Curran is an improvising violinist from Sydney, Australia currently living in Berlin (since 2015). Having played the instrument since the age of 3, she has a background in numerous musical fields but her focus is on improvised music and its tangeants. Relationship between artist, environment and audience is of major interest in her approach to music making and its developments. Also of interest is how to break the box of ‘the violinist’.

Photo: Tawfik Elgazzar

Andreas Glaser und Coral Lambert auf Lady C.jpg


In collaboration with the artist Dario Zeo and others, Andreas Glaser was part of the project "Phoenix" in Basel. The aim is to show and to witness closely, which energy and work the primal form of cast iron needs.


Whether working in video, sculpture, drawing or painting, Felicia Glidden’s primary research asks how the body is affected by the environment . Using scale, text, sound and immersive light, she works to trigger unconscious memories in the viewer.

Morgan Gomez Lugo2.jpg


Morgan Lugo grew up in Altanta, US. Physically, Morgan’s work is created with a combination of mold making, hand building, assemblage and metal fabrication. She uses a variety of different materials to build a unique composition of texture and form. Morgan is creating sculpture influenced by the interwoven relationships between the dream state consciousness, the conflicted internal self and the contradicting external progression of society.


Gerhard Haug (D)

He started his career with a study at the documenta, the exhibition of contemporary art as a student of the famous performance artist Joseph Beuys. Later he studied at the HdK (UdK today) which he finished with the masters degree. His art repertoire is wide and also multidisciplinary. Gerhard prepared something really special for our Elysium: He created a score sheet which will be played by the Australian violinist Brianne Curran. The clue? The notes are completely composed by dying moths. So if you are curious how moths make music, join us on June 23rd.

Hannes Hölzl.jpg

Hannes Hölzl (I)

A red line connecting his diverse artistic practice, most often manifested as installations with a sonic component, is his deep interest in languages and the translation processes between them. His experimental musical practice is driven by a fascination to design interactive systems that delegate structural control to a degree where the performer is forced to become herself an observer.

Jenny K.Hager-Vickery.jpg

Jenny K. Hager (USA)

Interested in a variety of processes and materials, including steel, cast iron, post-it notes, video, wood, digital photography and found objects, she finds inspiration in dreams, objects from her childhood, gadgets, sea life and other curiosities. She is also very interested in collaboration; the spirit of community important in both her teaching practice and in her own work.

Jacqueline Heer (USA)

Her project "taboo - but still a peep show", Jacqueline Heer produces quite an unusual piece of artform. Within her performance, USA-based Jacqueline will only be seen through peepholes, therefore various perspectives will lead to various understandings. 

Yukiko Jungesblut

Her work is a research-based quest exploring the world of imagination, of scientific discovery and of the everyday. It is a way to realize a utopian thought model right here and now.


Joy Lohmann is a german installation and happening artist. His aim is to promote socio-eco-cultural integration through art. Joy creates experienceable scenarios and atmospheres, based on key cultural issues to change the perception of our society, to help explore and develop positive future scenarios. Based on Joseph Beuys´ concept of „Social Sculptures“, Joy cofounded „Integrated Art“ as a genre.

johan pille (B)

Born in Belgium he will contribute with his own interpretation of the Elysium for the Opening.
In his own words he describes how he is creating art:
'All I need is space and colors to dive into with my ideas. (...) I work intuitively focusing on the process of painting until I realize which objects are crystallizing out. The focus lays on developing a picture which invites its viewer to dive into broad interpretation.'


Richard Rabensaat is a freelance artist and journalist. After completing his studies in humanities at the University of Osnabrueck in 1990, he moved to Berlin where he aacomplished his second state examination. He is a founding member of the artist group Zarge. Since 2001, he has organized and participated in exhibitions with installations, paintings and performances in Germany and abroad.

Susanne Roewer (D)

With the degree and the knowledge of ,material sciences’ and art studies on her back Susanne Roewer presents contemporary sculptures as the necessary outcome of - firstly - the development and skills as well as trial and error of human kind - secondly - the will to give immaterial things a material expression.

Till Schmidt Rimpler.jpg

Till Schmidt-Rimpler (D)

“On behalf of Moving Poets I want to express our gratitude to everybody who is helping to make the ELYSIUM at NOVILLA possible. THANK YOU!!!”
Schmidt-Rimpler is the founder of Moving Poets. In 2011 he and his wife brought it to Berlin, a few years later they opened NOVILLA, an international center for arts, creativity and exchange. He has conceived and produced numerous collaborative works, human right programs and projects for innercity teenagers as well as music concets and choreographies.

Wolfram Spyra.jpg

Wolfram Spyra (D)

Wolfram Spyra is a German composer of ambient music. Wolfram's focus is on instrumental electronic music, seamlessly blending interesting samples, synthesizers, percussion and other elements together in unique ways. His works often combine the electronical, functional with the artistic. His works were widely shown, including Documenta. Wolfram is one half of MOON&MELDOY who will perform at the opening event.


Stoll & Wachall (d)

Since 1997 the artist duo Klaudia Stoll & Jacqueline Wachall inspires their public with their space installations and media sculptures. Above all they aim to illuminate today's society while simultaneously questioning it. Just wait and see what they have put together for you!

Sonny Sanjay Vadgama.jpg

Sonny Sanjay Vadgama (UK)

British artist Sonny Sanjay Vadgama works with film, animation, print and holography. Vadgama has exhibited internationally and worked with many institutions including The London Science Museum, The Wellcome Trust, Fitzwilliam Museum, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain and Devi Art Foundation.

Roksane Vikaluk.jpg

Roksana Vikaluk (UKR)

She was born in the Ukraine and graduated as jazz singer followed by a master degree in composition. She is joining our line up with two performances. For the Grand Opening event she will show us collaboration together with Wolfram Spyra. And for our Grand Finale she will present us her very own new composition called ‚Boiling Ideas‘. For her music she plays the piano, uses electronic devices and drums. Her source of inspiration can be found in neoclassicism, ethno, poetry or while listening to her surrounding world.

Poul R. Weile.jpg


Poul R Weile was born in Denmark in 1954 and has lived and worked as an artist since 1984, in all fields of visual art.
Art is his life and therefore it is his tool of communication. In his work Poul R. Weile invites to a dialogue
- and challenges the viewer to self reflection. 

Alain Wozniak.jpg


Alain Wozniak, born in 1958 in Lens, France, conducts the Wind Symphonic Youth Orchestra Friedrichshafen, with whom he has repeatedly led to success in international competitions. His language is music and he seeks to communicate intensity of emotion and interaction. He is interested in how sound travels throughout space and in the mind: cycles, colors, and modulating intensity.


Jody Zellen (USA)

A Los Angeles based artist working in many media — making interactive installations, mobile apps, net art, animations, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artists' books — constantly thinks about ways to integrate interactivity and technology into her works.


The Swiss Dario Zeo is currently completing his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Hochschuld für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel. His work attracted much attention, particularly in Basel and the surrounding area. Installations and sculptures, projects and performances, as well as photography belong to his portfolio. In some of his works, he experiments with language and words and tries to illuminate the subject from a different angle than we normally are used to.


MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan majored in visual arts at Wollongong University, Australia. Although raised in the west, her Southeast asian roots have been a source of reference and inspiration in her work. Dinh has exhibited internationally and her work is found in private collections in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. She is part of the artistic leadership of Moving Poets and currently spearheads the migrating arts project "We See Heaven Upside Down."


Alyce Cristina Vallejo

Alyce looks much forward to perform with Moving Poets for the ELYSIUM in Berlin. She studied at Florida State University where she graduated Cum Laude in 2006. Alyce performed in works by Alex Ketley, Rick McCullough, Alonzo King and many notable others and was invited to dance with Suzanne Farrell at the Kennedy Center. She is a company artist since 2013 and part of the artistic leadership since 2015.